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Preschool Online Stay at Home Program

New Hope Preschool
At Home

New Hope Academy is launching a new program to meet the needs of families and caregivers of children 3-5 years of age, who want their children to experience the benefits of a high caliber preschool program, but remain at home. We will send everything weekly, electronically to the parents, for them to use the following week. This will enable parents to have time to preview the lessons, think about how it might work best with their child, and feel comfortable and competent to execute the program. We will provide an array of options, including, stories, videos, projects, and activities, with parents able to choose what will work well for their family’s needs, and to take into consideration their child’s interests and temperament. The program can be used to match their child’s pace, using some or all elements, or adding other experiences, teaching methods, tools, games and learning opportunities that your child loves.


Learning Online

A weekly online chat on Monday evenings will allow parents to meet with other families in the program and with Ms Kim Dadachanji, an experienced NHA early childhood educator. She will address parents’ questions, and mentor them weekly in their new role as PreK teacher for their child. Online social meet ups may be planned as well.


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Sept 21-Oct 2 The New Hope Preschool at Home Program begins by providing guidance to help parents prepare for their new teaching role, including suggestions for creating a schedule that works for their family and designing an environment for learning that fits their home, space and lifestyle. Parents will receive suggested activities and experiences to share with their child as a foundation to begin the school year.

Preparing Your Home Learning
Environment and your Child

This is the theme for these two weeks, and includes the first weekly “Parents Meeting with Ms Kim” with discussion and Q & A to support parents in their new teaching role.

Exploring Feelings
includes activities, suggested books and experiences which address the social-emotional foundations for learning and life, which is instrumental for a child’s success. This is the foundation for NHA’s Character Education, and Leadership Training. We encourage each child to be and do their personal best, grow their empathetic heart, and live by the Golden Rule.

Oct 5-9
This begins the first week of the academic program, introducing the letter A,( and math, language arts, social studies, science and art activities.)


Cost icon

There will be a single $125 start-up fee that will cover the first two weeks, Sept. 11-25 and includes an arts and materials package. Starting Sept. 28, NHA will charge $100 per week for the program, to be paid in advance, with payment plans available.

We hope you will
For further information contact the school office at 301 459-7311 or email office@newhopeacademy.org.