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Aiwa Hunter

Sponsor a child for a year of their Junior and Senior Secondary education by donating online today.

The Gambian Scholarship Program’s partnership with New Hope Academy ensures that all donations are tax deductible, based on our 501 (c) 3 accreditation.

Why do we need scholarship:

Out of a population of almost two million, over half of The Gambia’s residents are under the age of 24. however, the literacy rate sits just above 50%. Children enter primary school at the age of seven, and the first six years of education is covered by the Gambian government. After grade 6, however, students’ families are responsible for funding for their own child’s schooling up through Senior Secondary (high school) graduation. Because 48% of the population is living under the poverty line, many parents cannot afford to keep their children in school, so students’ educations are often cut short.1

With the Gambian Scholarship Program, donors have the opportunity to support a student for a year of schooling. For both Junior (7th - 9th) and Senior (10th - 12th) Secondary schooling, enrollment fees run for roughly $60-$100/year per student, respectively. We have been able to partner with Women’s Federation for World Peace who greatly helps with facilitating this program. All donations clearly are used for a student who would not otherwise be able to continue their education, not administrative costs.

1United States. Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Web. 8 May 2014.

How Can You Donate?

Donations made to The Gambia Project are appropriated through New Hope Academy, a registered 501 c (3) non-profit organization. Therefore all donations to the Gambian Scholarship Program are tax deductible. A letter of acknowledgement is sent out at the end of the year confirming your donation and the amount donated, which can then be used for tax deduction

Payment options:

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Please select what you wish your donation to be used for:
Gambian Scholarship Program ($60 +)Jr Secondary ($100)Senior Secondary
Donation for The Gambia Project ($10 +)

Make checks payable to New Hope Academy, with “The Gambia Project” in the for description.
Signed checks can be mailed to: Gambia Project c/o New Hope Academy, 7009 Varnum St, Landover Hills, MD 20784.