New Hope Middle School Faculty

  • Barry Cohen,
7th Grade Teacher

    Barry Cohen
    7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

    Hailing from New York City, Mr. Cohen earned a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Maryland and a Master's degree in Mathematics from Shippensburg University. He has been teaching since 1969; grades 6-12 (including 4 years at Sandy Spring Friends School in Montgomery County), university classes (including Trinity University and Potomac College in D.C.), as well as continuing education for adults. Mr. Cohen taught overseas for eight years in Liberia and six years in the former Soviet Union. Every summer since 1995 he's been the instructor for the Johns Hopkins University gifted and talented middle school course entitled "Inductive and Deductive Reasoning."

    Melaine Rude,
Social Studies, Algebra 1/2

    Melaine Rude
    History, Geography, Algebra 1/2, 8th Grade Homeroom, Geography, Algebra 1/2,

    Melaine Rude has been teaching Geography and History as well as Pre-algebra since 2002 at NHA. Born in Illinois, she earned her Bachelor's degree in History from Westmar College and her Master's degree in Teaching (high school social studies) from Trinity University. She has been teaching for over 14 years and loves her subjects. "Unless you like what you're doing, students won't be interested," she said. "Social studies is something I'm truly passionate about, and I hope my enthusiasm and interest is transferred to my students."

    Aisha Faison,
Saxon Math, Golf Teacher

    Aisha Faison
    Math, Golf

    "Ms. Aisha" teaches Saxon Math 8/7, as well as the Golf elective. She also teaches LEGO and VEX robotics. She has been with NHA since 2006. This San Francisco native began coursework in math at U.C. Berkeley, then applied this skill to receive her Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at Tuskegee University. Her experience includes working as a project engineer for a local construction company: She managed construction for the Turkish Embassy and the U.S. Justice Data Center, as well as renovations to the Australian Embassy (among others).

    Patricia Acadia,
High School English Teacher

    Patricia Acadia

    "Ms. Patti" was born in Tokyo and raised in upstate New York. She has been with NHA since 2009. She has a Master's degree in English from Binghamton University, NY, and a Master's certificate in Creative Writing, as well as an Associate's degree in Television Production Technology. Ms. Patti has taught preschool, kindergarten, second grade and college-level writing and literature, and the ESL class ("Foundations in English"). Besides teaching, Patricia has worked as a biology tutor, a theatre technician and facility manager, a daycare provider, a labor union researcher, and in community television.

    Dolores Muhammad,
High School Science Teacher

    Dolores Muhammad

    Dolores Muhammad teaches environmental science, biology, chemistry, health, and physics. This Maryland native has been with NHA since 2001. Her experience includes handling tarantulas, scorpions, and snakes while she interned at the H.B. Owens Science Center. Mrs. Muhammad has also worked at NIH as a research assistant and with a nematologist at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology from Towson State University, she continued in her career in medical technology for eight years before branching out into teaching.

    Angela Teacher,
high school Art Teacher

    Angela Eisenbart
    Fine Art

    Angela Eisenbart has taught art at all grade levels at NHA since 1998. Originally from Italy, she studied commercial and graphic art at the Art College in Genoa, Italy, graduating with honors. She is a career artist and graphic designer with an impressive list of professional credentials from her decades of work in Milano, New York, and Washington, DC. But Mrs. Eisenbart always longed to express herself in the fine arts, and turned that passion to teaching. She exhibits a remarkable ability to draw out the talents of her students. Her basic approach to teaching is that artistic ability is not just an innate talent but can be learned or improved just like other activities.

    Luz Hughes,
high school Spanish Teacher

    Luz Hughes
    Spanish Language

    Luz Hughes has been teaching Spanish to grades K-12 at NHA since 2005. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and minored in Liberal Arts from the University of the District of Columbia. She is a candidate for her Master's in Education & Language. Mrs. Hughes' experience includes teaching for eight years in PG County and six years in DC (Spanish and AP Spanish Language & Literature). She believes it is important to "connect with the students" in order for them to learn and appreciate what is being taught. She takes responsibility to mentor her students, hoping to impact their lives. Nominated by her students, Mrs. Hughes has been recognized in Who's Who for making a difference in the lives of children.

    EunJung Kim,
high school Korean Teacher

    Eun Jung Kim
    Korean Language

    Eun Jung Kim teaches Korean language at all levels and for all grades at NHA since 2005. She's from Seoul, South Korea, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Japanese Literature, Language, and Education. She also holds a Master's degree in Bilingual Special Education from the George Washington University. "Ms. Kim" is fluent in Korean, English, and Japanese. She is a recognized author of Dynamic Korean II, a publication of her curriculum that is used across the nation. Ms. Kim's quest has always been to help students enjoy studying and aid them in overcoming their obstacles in learning a new language. She found that bridging curriculum with real-life experiences boosts students' desire to learn. In her upper grades, students have the chance to write essays in Korean to earn a scholarship to a three-week summer program in Korea.

    Noriko Wright,
high school Computer Teacher

    Noriko Wright
    Computer & Information Technology

    Noriko Wright, NHA's computer/information technology teacher, is a native of Japan. She started at NHA as a volunteer using her joint accounting and computer skills to fulfill various needs at the time. Her dedication to the school and its advancement became evident in 1997, when she created NHA's information technology program, designing the program and writing most of the curriculum materials. Mrs. Wright prepares her students in various areas of technology, including web design, animation, video game design, Photoshop, video editing and robotics to name a few. "Information technology skills are a prerequisite for the majority of 21st-century jobs, and will continue to grow," she said. "Figuring out how to get the results you want on a computer is a great way to exercise your mind. My students learn by doing."

    Parthenon Huxley,
high school Band Teacher

    Band, Music Creation

    Parthenon Huxley, a.k.a., P. Hux, teaches NHA's Band and Music Creation elective for grades 8-12. He joined NHA in 2009 bringing professional expertise and dynamic approach to music to the students. Mr. Hux is a member of Electric Light Orchestra Part II (now The Orchestra). He's been dubbed a "pop visionary," "rock's most underrated pop genius," and a songwriting "master." He's written four top-20 hits, and three of his albums were named Album of the Year. Online critic Margot Carmichael Lester gushed about his 2001 album: "'Purgatory Falls' is potentially the most honest, moving and complete collection of love songs ever put on one record." Mr. Hux joined NHA to fulfill his desire to share his talents with the students. His hope is to inspire, develop, and create a love for music in the students which has blossomed into NHA's Leap of Faith Band.

    Emily Tevault,
high school Music and Choir Teacher

    Emily Tevault
    Music, Choir

    Emily Tevault teaches General Music to grades K-8, and a "show choir with a twist" music elective, C3 (Composers Choir Club) for grades 8-12. She received a Bachelor of Music degree in viola performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of The Johns Hopkins University. Mrs. Tevault also loves to sing! She has sung in her church choir for 15 years, has directed the Junior Choir at her church for four years, was the Singing Coach for New Hope Academy's production of Cinderella, and assisted her daughter's class at New Hope Academy with preparing to sing songs for their Holiday Performance. Mrs. Tevault's goal is that every child is exposed to a variety of styles of music, enjoys and appreciates music, and that they learn to express the music they feel in their hearts.

    Shaun Houston,
Physical Education Teacher

    Shaun Houston
    Physical Education

    Shaun Houston has taught Physical Education to grades K-12 at NHA since 2005. He is a native of Washington, DC. He received a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Xavier University, Ohio. His early teaching experience includes 12 years as a classroom teacher in DC Public Schools. His passion for sports and love of teaching motivated him to "come out of the classroom" and "teach in the field." By combining his love and passion, he has developed a fun and exciting PE curriculum. Mr. Houston is also a mentor to many of his students, affording them the opportunity to intern with him. He continues to promote sportsmanship, respect, and healthy habits with his PE program and through extra-curricular activities. He coaches basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and NHA's successful high school flag football team, which has gone to the championship three years straight.

    Concha Marchitelli,
Performing Arts Center Director

    Concha Marchitelli
    Performing Arts Center Director

    Concha Marchitelli is the founder, artistic director and administrator of the Dance & Drama program at New Hope Performing Arts Center. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Science from the University of the State of New York and two diplomas as a ballet and Spanish dance teacher from the Superior Conservatory of Dance and Music of Murcia, Spain, where she is from. She is certified by the Royal Academy of Dancing, the Spanish Dance Society and Kindermusik International. Her experience includes an additional 12 years as a Spanish dance teacher at The Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington DC., under the direction of Oleg Vinegradov. Since the program was established in 1991,she has produced and directed many dance performances and several musicals; among them The Wizard of Oz, Godspell, Cinderella, Peter & the Wolf, The Magical Land of Oz, Pinocchio, and Beauty and the Beast, all performed at venues like the Publick Playhouse and the Bowie Performing Arts Center. Mrs. Marchitelli adores working with children. "I rejoice when I successfully pass on to the children the love and appreciation for the performing arts," she said. Many of her students go on to pursue careers in dance or musical theater. She is proud to say that one of them performed on Broadway in the musical, "The Lion King."

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