How to Go to Gambia

Over three dozen volunteers have travelled to The Gambia since our first trip made in 1998. Now it’s your turn. Are you ready?

Follow the steps below to prepare yourself for the summer of your lifetime.

  1. Am I qualified?

    Volunteers must be 17 years of age or older to participate, unless accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Volunteers with any existing medical or physical conditions/limitations are asked to consult with Beverly Berndt prior to registering. Contact Beverly Berndt at

  2. What is required?

    Volunteers need to have a current passport with an expiration dating past the return flight date. A yellow fever vaccination is required; volunteers are responsible to obtain this prior to departure for the Gambia. A VISA for entrance into The Gambia Is $100. Travel insurance is recommended and can be purchased along with the ticket. Tickets have been around $1350 for 2 years and insurance is usually around $90. Although tickets will be purchased as a group, volunteers are solely responsible for the funding of their own trip, including airfare and transportation to and from the airport of departure. BWI Airport (Baltimore-Washington International Airport), Dulles IAD, and JFK Airport (John F. Kennedy International Airport) have been used in the past.

  3. How Do I sign up?

    If you meet the requirements listed above, all you need to do now is register!

Please note that your registration does not guarantee your spot in our trip this year. A phone interview or e-mail questionnaire will be conducted prior to your acceptance in participating in The Gambia Project.

We hope to see you soon!