• Three American teens and Gambian children
  • Abby Grow and a girl in Gambia
  • Gambian girl


Francis Marchitelli and a Gambian boy

Francis Marchitelli: Summer 2012
Being able to connect and view two different cultures as one family was such an amazing feeling. Read More


Marcel Caron and Aiwa Hunter with Gambian children

Marcel Caron: Summer 2012
I was tremendously impacted by my experience in the Gambia in the Summer of 2012.Read More


Kyle Nedlik with Gambian children

Kyle Nedlik: Summer 2013
I am grateful that I could be a part of such an incredible experienceRead More


Scholership project & more

Educational Conferences
Cultural Understanding Activities
Interactive Contributions Toward Community Needs

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Volunteer Projects & more

Character Education Workshops.
Purity Seminars
Trash Clean-Up Campaigns

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Be a part of this year’s service project; sign up today!

This 2014, the Service for Peace in The Gambia/Side by Side Organization project will run from June 12th to June 30th.

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