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Guiding Philosophy of New Hope Academy

  1. Every individual is viewed as a Divine and unique expression of God.
    The Purpose of Life is to experience that personal realization and connection to Source.
  2. It's imperative to value and appreciate the Divinity within ones fellow man: honor the sacredness of all of life, and the beauty of diversity.
  3. Character Education teaches the soul how to "Be." Through practices of seeing both sides and conflict resolution, humans learn how to love, express empathy and compassion, and assert ones voice courageously with love, truth and agency
  4. Encouraging critical thinking and creative expression opens the hearts and soul to self-discovery of one's own and others gifts, and is the source of all beauty, advancement, and discovery of truth.
  5. The body is the temple of God, as such should be lovingly maintained through, good nutrition and hygiene, exercise, good humor, rest, and self-care.
  6. True Leadership requires Moral Intelligence. A true leader strives to live by and model the virtues of integrity, honesty, compassion, humility, trustworthiness, service, respect, and a deep personal connection to God.
  7. Relationships are paramount to life.
    • Intra-personal: valuing myself; attention given to self-discovery, self-care, personal mastery of gifts and skills, and mindfulness.
    • Inter-personal: connecting deeply with others by developing effective communication and relationship skills and practicing service.
    • Nature-personal: understand, experience, appreciate, have concern for and interact with the natural world to love and be a good steward of nature and the environment.
    • Supra-personal: The pursuit of self-knowledge with the intention of knowing God through one's own Divine soul (transcendence).
  8. A "Growth Mindset" encourages life-long curiosity, openness to new ideas, frames mistakes and failures as feedback for growth, encourages resiliency and taking healthy risks, and prepares a chils to engage fearlessly in a rapidly changing world.
  9. The purpose of education is to draw out each person's unique nature, gifts, talents and individuality (Origin: Greek: "educo...to draw out").
  10. Expeditionary Learning, exploring, experiencing and learning through trial and error develops competency, perseverance and true self esteem
  11. Commitment to not promoting personal agendas or proselytizing, rather honoring universal principles and the Golden Rule engenders respect of diversity and cooperation.
  12. Education is organic and evolves with the needs of the students, the times, and the world; using a flexible model based on these principles.
  13. We are educating future leaders who can takes these principles into all the fields of endeavor to be applied for the betterment of the world and humankind.
  14. Promoting a strong sense of belonging, taking personal responsibility, exposing misuse of power and bullying, dispelling victimization, and teaching that everyone has something to contribute, allows for dealing with issues as they arise with clarity and integrity, creating equity, fairness and justice.
  15. The future requires leadership of those who have learned the skills of adaptability, flexibility, creativity, resiliency and collaboration guided by a strong moral compass.