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Working together
A project of New Hope Academy

Since Randy and Beverly Berndt went to The Gambia for Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in 1996, New Hope Academy has supported the ensuing Gambia Project. The enthusiasm and "volunteerism" of so many Gambian youth was and is so inspiring. Together with Gambian youth groups, we have developed into a 3-pronged approach to helping this amazing country and its young people.
1. A scholarship program that has to date sponsored more than 943 students since 1998.
2. A summer of Service brings American and Gambian youth together to do meaningful and interactive service projects, as well as participate in intercultural and inter-religious exchange, every year since 2007. Past service projects projects included character education in schools, trash clean-up campaigns, educational conferences, helping at a mother-baby health clinic, and more, all while incorporating fun and learning into every activity.
3. The Girls' Empowerment and Skills Training Project which provides practical, entrepreneurial, and character+confidence building skills.


Gambian Scholarship Program
Gambian Scholarship Program:

Although tuition in government primary schools is free, many families need $40 to pay for books, uniforms, test fees, and occasionally shoes. Junior and Senior secondary schools require $75-$100 a year. Merit based scholarships of up to $200 can be applied to private school tuition, also for a year.

Please help sponsor a student. You can make a donation of any amount, or, if you would like to sponsor a student for a year, we will pair you up with a specific student. You will receive their name, contact info, picture, and grades.

943 scholarships since 1998
Girls' Empowerment and Skills Training Program
Girls' Empowerment and Skills Training Program

In spite of the efforts of educators and leadership, students need to pass rigorous 5th and 9th grade exams to go on to the next level. Girls are often asked to help at home with younger siblings or help financially support their families and forfeit finishing their education. The G.E.S.T.P aims to give girls practical skills such as tie n dye, sewing, shoemaking and so on, as well as entrepreneurial techniques to run small businesses. This program can reduce the need for early marriage and thwart trafficking

Summer of Service
NHA Teacher's Passion for Service Makes Global Impact SUMMER OF SERVICE

Beverly Berndt started working with student groups in Gambia in 1998, then began bringing groups of American youth to Gambia in 2007 to work side by side Gambian youth to do service projects together for 3 weeks, such as:
   Character Education Workshops
   Trash Clean-up Campaigns
   Evironmental projects like
      sheltering endangered Sea Turtles
      Tree Planting to counter desertification
Intercultural exchange
Inter-religious forums
Orphanage Visitations
Mother-Baby Wellness Clinic


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