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New Hope Academy, an independent state-certified K-12 private school and pre-school in Landover Hills, MD (Prince George's County, Maryland); international and inter-religious, with over 35 countries and 20 religious affiliations represented among faculty, staff, and students
Joy Morrow is the school's principal and president of the NHA board of directors.

Her academic background in psychology and in social work informed her practical experience with group homes for delinquent teenagers as well as her extensive work with preschools.

In 1990, she co-founded NHA with a group of like-minded parents and has served as principal since. Mrs. Morrow wants to help create "a school community transcending religious, cultural, and racial barriers, where families with shared common values can support each other to raise moral children. This involves big challenges but also big opportunities." Her straightforward style, especially with teenagers, helps them stay on track or get back on track. She's good at helping people see a vision of what's possible, and helping children see what they're capable of, moving in the direction of their dreams.

"When I'm working with a class of students I try to make sure no one falls through the cracks," said Mrs. Morrow. "My goal is to work with each child." Her personal approach finds especially satisfying those times when she can really connect with a student in a moment of discovery.

It has been my pure pleasure and privilege to be able to guide the development of New Hope Academy from its inception to the amazing school we have today. New Hope is well on its way to fulfilling the school’s founding families’ vision of creating a prototype school that will transform education in the 21st century.

Founded on principles and values that are universal to all the great faiths, New Hope is committed to supporting parents to raise the next generation of leaders. The school is a richly diverse environment, racially, ethnically, and religiously. With an ingrained emphasis on relationships and the value of mentoring, the range of ages from Pre-K3 through high school lends itself to provide an experience more like that of a large extended family.

Emphasis is placed on appreciating such differences and also on experiencing one's own creative nature through the the arts, music, writing, drama, and dance. Through technology, math, and science, students gain skills to navigate our world and to experience ample opportunities to explore their own talents, interests, and passions.

While recognizing how critical these elements are to ensuring a well-rounded education for our children, we further maintain that what is even more essential is making sure that each student is consistently guided to become a loving, honest, and ethical person. At New Hope we try to work together as a team with the parents to ensure that the students experience a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe environment, not only free of teasing and bullying, but based on healthy, respectful relationships and positive life choices.

As principal of New Hope Academy since its founding in 1990, I am extremely proud of our dedicated staff and the high quality program we have developed. We are very confident that the curriculum we have chosen, while being both broad and challenging, is also based on proven academic practices, including phonics, math mastery, hands-on discovery and extensive writing. By keeping our classes small, providing individual attention and making learning fun, school becomes a real place to learn, to grow, and to experience one's own potential.

Coupled with an exceptional academic program, an added benefit is that New Hope spans the entire age range of PreK3 through high school. If you have been hoping for such a place for your child and family, and what you are reading rings true in your heart, please come and experience New Hope for yourself.

Joy Morrow
New Hope Academy

Tours of the school are offered most Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. Please call to confirm (301-459-7311). We'd love to show you our school!