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    New Hope International High School

    Faculty and Staff

  • Joy Morrow, Principal,
high school Health & Family, Culinary Arts Teacher

    Joy Morrow
    Principal, Culinary Arts

    Joy Morrow is the school's principal and president of the NHA board of directors. Her academic background in psychology and in social work informed her practical experience with group homes for delinquent teenagers as well as her extensive work with preschools. In 1990, she co-founded NHA with a group of like-minded parents and has served as principal since. Mrs. Morrow wants to help create "a school community transcending religious, cultural, and racial barriers, where families with shared common values can support each other to raise moral children. This involves big challenges but also big opportunities." Her straightforward style, especially with teenagers, helps them stay on track or get back on track. She's good at helping people see a vision of what's possible, and helping children see what they're capable of, moving in the direction of their dreams. "When I'm working with a class of students I try to make sure no one falls through the cracks," said Mrs. Morrow. "My goal is to work with each child." Her personal approach finds especially satisfying those times when she can really connect with a student in a moment of discovery.

    Dolores Muhammad,
High School Science Teacher

    Dolores Muhammad
    Vice Principal

    This Maryland native has been with NHA since 2001. Her experience includes interning and working in different science fields and local institutions; including The H.B. Owens Science Center, The Beltsville Agricultural Research Institute, and the National Institute of Health. She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Towson State University in Medical Technology and worked in labs for 8 years before branching into the field of education. Her education experience began in 1994 and includes all levels from preschool through high school; where she taught Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Introductory Physics, and AP Biology. She has also been the director and administrator of a private school previous to NHA and has worked and directed summer camps. In 2008, she became the high school student administrator while still teaching before her current transition back to a full administration position.

    Bianca Harris,
Director of Education, School Counselor

    Bianca Harris
    Director of Education, Counselor

    Bianca Harris joined New Hope Academy in August 2023 as the school’s counselor and director of education. She Specializes in trauma, addiction, and mental health. With over 15 years of experience, Bianca uses her expertise to develop interventions, create prevention programs, and organize communities. A native of Washington, D.C., Bianca graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts High School and earned a diploma in Museum Studies and majored in Vocal Music. Additionally, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Trinity University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work at Walden University. A loving wife and mother of two children, Bianca enjoys spending quality time with her family during her downtime. Bianca is also a songstress and writer, has worked with several recording artists, and has a published song with recording artist producer Wyclef Jean.

    Angela Tallak
Math Director, Assistant Administator to the Principal

    Angela Tallack
    Math Director, Assistant Administrator to the Principal

    Angela Tallack joined New Hope Academy as a part time teacher for Algebra 1/2 and grade 5 math in 2017. Originally a Vice-Principal and math teacher in England, Mrs Tallack moved 6 years ago with her husband to Bowie to be with their son, daughter-in-law and 4 grandchildren and the view of retiring. Once the 3rd youngest grandchild started day care, Mrs Tallack decided to return to teaching and was delighted to be given the opportunity to work at New Hope Academy. The vocabulary may be different but students' passion for learning and inquiry is the same. She is enjoying her new role as Math Director and Assistant Administrator to the Principal.

    Shirley Robinson
Main Office

    Shirley Robinson
    Main Office

    Shirley Robinson joined the New Hope Academy staff in 2015 as a substitute teacher. Shirley's passion for the school and their philosophy had such a big effect on her that she wanted to stay with the school after her granddaughter graduated from New Hope Academy in 2018. Shirley is a math assistant , the Early Care Supervisor /Lunchroom Supervisor.and Main office staff and a Certified Medical Technician.. Shirley studied at Prince George's Community College and University of Maryland. She is very pleased to be part of the New Hope Academy staff.

    Lashawn Merryweather, Main Office

    Lashawn Merryweather
    Main Office

    Description coming soon.

    Janelle Hartley,
Office Manager, Registrarr

    Janelle Hartley
    Office Manager, Registrar

    Janelle Hartley is the "hub" of New Hope Academy. A native of Guyana, raised in Brooklyn, NY, and married to a Jamaican, her multi-cultural background and family exemplify NHA's diverse school culture. She attended Pace University to pursue accounting and spent the majority of her career working for financial institutions. This allowed her to develop her strengths in management and customer service while fostering her desire to help those in need. "Mrs. Janelle" joined the school in 2006, along with her son, after transitioning her family to Maryland. "To be in a state without any relatives nearby is difficult," she said, "especially when you have a child. However, being at New Hope fills that void and has helped instill rare qualities in my son that are hard to find in today's society: respect, unity, ambition, and compassion. Everyone here is our extended family and has treated us as such." Mrs. Janelle wears many hats at NHA. She is the office manager, registrar, medical technician, international student representative, host family contact, and more. She is always willing to answer any questions or provide assistance when needed. If she doesn't have the answer, she will find it!

    Nicole Mehmedovich,

    Nicole Mehmedovich
    Chief Operations Officer

    Nicole Mehmedovich joined New Hope Academy as the Chief Operating Officer in June 2021. She grew up in France in a military family and came to America in September 1984. Her parents did not encourage her to pursue her education, thinking that she would get married, have children, and stay home like her mother, and great-grandmother. But upon arriving in the USA, Nicole discovered she could study evenings, weekends, and online. While having five children and a full-time job, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Database Technology from Strayer University, a M.S. in Technology Management and a CIO certificate in Federal Executive Competencies from UMUC, and an MBA in Information Systems from Strayer University. Though she says she could not have done it without a great husband on her side. She loves birding, martial arts and MMA (having two black belts and a brown belt in France), gardening, motorcycle riding, and learning new things. She hopes to be of great service to all the staff, teachers, and parents at New Hope Academy. Her favorite sentences: “The important thing is not to stop questioning” from Albert Einstein, and “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything” from Theodore Roosevelt.

    Habayattu Bah,

    Habayattu Bah

    Description coming soon.

    Aisha Faison,
Saxon Math, Golf Teacher

    Aisha Faison
    Math, Health, 11th and 12th Grade Homeroom, K-7th Grade Computer,

    Aisha Faison, a native of San Francisco, is an esteemed educator renowned for her expertise in AP Calculus, Advanced Mathematics, and Computer Science/Technology. Since 2006, she has played a pivotal role at New Hope Academy (NHA), where her commitment to excellence shines through. A former project engineer for a local construction company, Aisha transitioned to education driven by her passion for service. Notably, she introduced AP Computer Science courses at NHA and expanded the coding curriculum from 7th grade to kindergarten and above, ensuring students are equipped with vital digital skills from an early age. Aisha's innovative teaching approach creates an engaging learning environment, resulting in exceptional outcomes. Dedicated to professional growth, she stays updated with advancements in her fields, preparing students for future success in mathematics, robotics, and technology.

    Stephen Gabb,
English, 10th Grade Homeroom

    Stephen Gabb
    10th Grade Homeroom, 8-12th Grade English

    Description coming soon.

    O'Neil Gayle,
Science, 9th Grade Homeroom

    O'Neil Gayle
    9th Grade Homeroom, 8-12th Grade Science

    Dr. O.G. Gayle joined New Hope Academy as the Upper School Science Director in October 2023. He grew up in Jamaica, West Indies, and immigrated to the U.S.A. to pursue medicine/dentistry, on a student visa in August 1986. He was sponsored by his uncle Dr. Amos Gayle, a Dentist. However, upon arriving in the USA, and after many years of waiting on status adjustment from a student visa, he deviated from this original plan and instead pursued biotechnology. He has served for many years in several capacities in the drug manufacturing industry, including (scientist, interim supervisor, team lead, and senior manufacturing team coordinator). He’s in the process of a career transition to teaching science. He currently serves as an Associate Professor in biology at the University of Maryland, Montgomery Community College, and in the past, as an Associate Professor (human anatomy and physiology) at Washington Adventist University. Dr. Gayle has also served as a peer reviewer for AERA (the American Educational Research Association), and also AAAS member, and a chapter reviewer for a scientific book author. Dr. Gayle received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Howard University, an M.S. degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University, a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Research Administration from the University of Liverpool (UK), and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. He’s proud to be a member of the New Hope Academy faculty and looks forward to engaging and challenging young minds at this illustrious institution.

    William Pointer,
Algebra ½, 7th Grade

    William Pointer
    8th Grade Homeroom, 8-12th Grade Social Studies

    William Pointer is excited to be at New Hope Academy as the 8-12th grade teacher. Although recently joining New Hope Academy, he has been teaching for over 18 years in public schools in Detroit and Washington, DC. His interests include non-profit organizations, community building, sports, chess, and role playing games. He is looking forward to discovering the gifts uncovered throughout the year with his students and having them advocate for what is important to them. Mr. Pointer has a Master's Degree from the University of Michigan in Education and a Master's Degree from the University of Phoenix in Curriculum and Instruction.

    Heather Daniel,
Math Course 3, Health, Cinema Culture

    Heather Daniel
    Algebra ½, 7th Grade

    Heather Daniel teaches Algebra ½ and 7th Grade. She came to New Hope Academy in the fall of 2012 as a parent. Her daughter graduated from New Hope in 2021. She also has a child in the preschool program. She loved the atmosphere of the school so much that she became a staff member in the spring of 2013. Over the years, Heather has worked in many different areas of the school from office support staff, 6/7 grade teacher, math teacher and elective teacher. Heather earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Minnesota - Bemidji. She has over 20 years experience working with young people. She is the previous owner of The Explore Program, which was a group home that taught independent living skills to at-risk youth. She is happy to be at New Hope and hopes to inspire our next generation of world leaders. She enjoys reading, music, the outdoors and crafts.

    Beverly Berndt,
High School Algebra 1, Gambia Project

    Beverly Berndt
    Algebra 1, Gambia Project

    Beverly Berndt teaches high school Algebra 1 as well as reading groups for K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. She was born in Massachusetts where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston. Ms. Bev has taught at NHA since 1990. She loves the school and had her four children and 3 grandchildren also attend. "To me this is a great testimony to our school," she said, "that all the teachers want to have their own children here, because we know the quality of education and care they receive." Not only is Ms. Bev a dedicated teacher, she deeply believes in helping others. Since 1996 with the support of the NHA families, staff, and principal, Ms. Bev and her husband have developed "The Gambia Project," a summer service project, open to youth and staff of NHA in conjunction with youth in The Gambia, West Africa. In 2017 she received an honorary Doctorate in Sacred Theology from HJ International Graduate School in New York for her inter-religious and intercultural service projects programs in The Gambia.

    Alice Hughes, Sixth Grade Teacher

    Alice Hughes
    Sixth Grade Teacher

    Alice Hughes is excited to formally return to the classroom. She has spent the last few years focusing on her growing family, you can see her 3 kids attending classes here at New Hope. She has also worked to build and coach a local volleyball club as well as develop and run the volleyball program at New Hope. After teaching at various schools in New York she most recently was a teacher and volleyball coach at Archbishop Carroll High School, DC. She attended SUNY Cortland, NY for both her Undergraduate and Masters degree. Hughes is a big college sports fan, GO TERPS!

    Vondale Mack
Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher

    Vondale Mack
    Fifth Grade Teacher

    Vondale Mack joined New Hope Academy as a substitute before becoming a teacher in January 2018. Vondale received her Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a Criminal Justice minor from Bowie State University. Vondale is passionate about childhood education and empowerment, and has worked for over 20 years providing wrap around services for youth and families who suffered trauma ranging from child abuse, sexual assault, bullying, domestic violence, and homicide. Her motto is learning should be both educational and fun.

    Melissa Olsen
Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

    Melissa Olsen
    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Melissa Olsen is New Hope Academy’s 4th grade teacher. She has been in education for 30 years and has been with New Hope for 5 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Pensacola Christian College. She is passionate about teaching and loves seeing her students challenge themselves and realize that they can do hard things! In her spare time she likes to read political mysteries and historical fiction, knit, and spend time with friends and family.

    Justin Green
Second Grade Teacher

    Justin Green
    Third Grade Teacher

    Justin joined New Hope Academy in 2022 I come with over 10 years of experience in Education. He graduated from North Carolina Central University with a degree in Recreation Administration and a minor in Business. Following college, he began to work at a Boys and Girls Club as a Group Leader/Teen Director. Soon after, he began his semi professional basketball career. He played in the ABA league for 4 years. Since ending his basketball career, he has furthered his educational background being a Teaching Assistant, as well as Site Director/Area Manager for before and after school programs. In his free time, he enjoys teaching, especially Math (his favorite subject). He also enjoys producing music/instrumentals, spending time with his family, and his dog Nina.

    Clifton Lewis
Second Grade Teacher

    Clifton Lewis
    Second Grade Teacher

    Mr. Lewis has a master of arts in education with a specialization in early childhood education from The University of Arizona Global Campus and a bachelor of arts in human relations from Trinity Washington University. He has nine years of teaching experience, three as a second-grade lead teacher, while two of those years as a second-grade reading teacher for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Mr. Lewis is currently pursuing his teaching license in early childhood education and would like to continue his schooling by obtaining his master of arts in catholic theology. When he is not teaching, you will find Mr. Lewis baking, praying the rosary, and reading.

    Karen Wilkening,
 Literacy Specialist

    Karen Wilkening
    First Grade Teacher

    Ms. Karen is currently teaching NHA's 1st Grade for the 4th year. She also taught Kindergarten for 25 years at NHA and spent 2 years as the NHA Reading Specialist. Ms. Karen graduated with a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts in Elementary Education. She graduated from Loyola University in 2016 as a Reading Specialist Ms. Karen says, " I love to see the "Aha" moments of children when they learn something new. For her, teaching is a creative venture and she learns and discovers life along with the children. Ms. Karen loves art and creates functional pottery and paints landscapes and other subjects with oil on canvas.

    Michelle Pinkney,
 Kindergarten Teacher

    Michelle Pinkney
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Michelle L. Pinkney is one of twelve children (#10). She is also a mom of three adult children and four grandchildren. Michelle has been an early childhood educator for the last 20 years, and received her master’s degree in early childhood education in 2017. She is currently working on receiving her Ph.D. in Education. Early childhood education holds a special place in Michelle Pinkney's heart. She believes education is something amazing about creating a safe, engaging, and inviting learning environment where children can grow and learn. My hobbies consist of family & friends, beach, reading, search word puzzles, and music. Enjoy singing (not that good at it, however that does not stop me) and dancing. Love spending time with my four grandchildren.

    Kisha Davenport

    Kisha Davenport
    Preschool, Early, and Aftercare Director

    Kisha Davenport joined New Hope Academy in January 2023. She is a native New Yorker, who has 14 years of experience working with preschool and school-age students. Kisha has a Bachelor of Nursing from Howard University. She believes that is is very important to meet each student where they are and allow them to grow from there. She loves pouring into the students and contributing to their overall growth and development.. Kisha also enjoys spending time with her daughter Madison.

    Julia Aguirre, Pre-K Teacher

    Julia Aguirre
    Pre-K Teacher

    What Julia Aguirre loves about teaching as a teacher assistant with Pre-K students, she delights in being a supportive guide and witness to their earliest educational adventures, watching them grow and flourish in these foundational years. She enjoys reading informative books, being with nature and physical training. Julia Aguirre serves as a PreK assistant at NHA, where she has dedicated the past two years to supporting the early education of young students. Her passion for her work is evident in her patience and joy in guiding children, and she takes pride in fostering a positive attitude towards education, not only in her students but also in their parents. Additionally, Julia is an avid reader of informative books and finds solace in spending time in nature.

    Hyejung Rika Betancourt, Pre-school Teacher

    Hyejung Rika Betancourt
    Pre-school Teacher

    Hyejung Rika Betancourt earned her bachelor's in early childhood education at Grand Canyon University. She joined New Hope Academy in 2021 as an assistant during the preschool summer program and moved to head Prek 4/5 teacher. She believes it is important to understand and create a positive, honest, and transparent relationship with young children and their families. She continues to learn the importance and impact of children's social-emotional development, which allows her to support and help guide young children, as each child is unique and special.

    Kim Dadachanji,
Pre-school Teacher

    Kim Dadachanji
    Pre-school Teacher

    Kim Dadachanji teaches the preschool class for 3 year olds. She joined NHA as a substitute before she began teaching preschool in 1996. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont, and she attained her bachelor's degree in elementary education from APEX, an innovative teacher education program for developing experiential education. "Mrs. Kim's" experience includes working at The Vicarage School of Montessori/KinderCare in Hamden, CT. The school's founders were Montessori teacher trainers, and Mrs. Kim was exposed to a variety of Montessori materials and training. Her knowledge enables her to provide a joyful environment that stimulates her student's innate sense of wonder and develops their enthusiasm to discover, learn, and grow.

    Laura Jackson,
Support Staff for Pre-K/Kindergarten and Aftercare Teacher

    Laura Jackson
    Support Staff for Pre-K/Kindergarten and Aftercare Teacher

    Laura Jackson is originally from Chicago and has had the pleasure to serve in education for a total of 16 years (15 years in preschool/pre-k and 1 year as a Kindergarten teacher in a hybrid capacity). She is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and National Louis University where she earned her Masters and teaching certification in Early Childhood Education. She recently joined the New Hope staff in January 2024 in her current role after a 3 year teaching hiatus. Although she is certified to teach up to 3rd grade, she much prefers working with our youngest learners. What she values the most about teaching (and what originally attracted her to the profession is that each day is different. If you find that a lesson doesn't go as planned or a student (or you are having a "bad" day, you can always regroup and attempt something different the next day. In addition, she loves how reciprocal teaching is (ie. teachers can serve as students while the students may assume the role of teacher at any given time). Laura loves eating, journaling, working out (due to all that eating, lol), baking, reading a good book, listening to music (she is a fan of 90's r&b and movie soundtracks) and watching movies (Christopher Nolen is currently one of her favorite directors). Self-care is also her love language.

    Somana Chowdhury,
Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4 senior assistant teacher

    Somana Chowdhury
    Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4 senior assistant teacher

    Somana Chowdhury is New Hope Academy's Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4 senior assistant teacher. She has been teaching in early childhood education for twenty five years. She has earned her bachelor's degree in psychology. She loves teaching and helping children grow and flourish.

    Soo Jung Park 9-12G

    Soo Jung Park
    Korean Language 9-12G

    Soo Jung Park has general erudition and intimate familiarity with both Korean and American cultures, having been proximate to both communities throughout the years of her life. For many years she taught Korean language and history and culture to non Korean speaking students and helped them overcome the difficulty and fear of trying to learn Korean as their second language. It is her great pleasure to be the Korean language teacher at New Hope Academy to see her students learn Korean and experience Korean culture.

    In Ku Marshall
Korean Language K-8G

    Dr. In Ku Marshall
    Korean Language K-8G

    When I left Korea almost 50 years ago to study in Germany I had a goal to promote Korean as a globally used language. A few years after I received my Ph.D. degree from Hamburg University, I began to teach Korean at Bochum University in Germany. In 1986 I moved to the United States with my family and began to teach Korean at New Hope Academy from 1991. While teaching at New Hope Academy, I focused on adapting Montessori’s language theory for teaching Korean as a foreign language and developed many hands-on teaching materials. In 1994, I joined Georgetown University as a Korean instructor in the department of East Asian languages and cultures. In my 22 years at Georgetown, I developed the Korean program into a Minor and offered more than 12 courses including ‘Studies on North Korea,’ and ‘Korean diaspora in Northeast Asia including Russia.’ Now I am returning to New Hope Academy as head of the Korean Program. In the process of promoting the Korean language, I recognized the importance of the Heritage Korean schools. For five years, I gave workshops to the Korean teachers in the Washington area on effective Korean language teaching. In addition, I developed the Korean language program at the Korean Cultural Center of the Korean Embassy in 1995. I developed their curriculum for levels I, II, and III, and taught in the program for almost ten years. The Korean language program at the Embassy continues today, with more than one hundred adult learners per session (they offer 5 sessions a year). Education: Ph.D. Hamburg University, in Comparative Education as major, Linguistics and German literature as minor in Germany B.A. Seoul National University, in German Language and Literature in Korea.

    Luz Hughes,
high school Spanish Teacher

    Luz Hughes
    Spanish Language

    Luz Hughes has been teaching Spanish to grades K-12 at NHA since 2005. She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and minored in Liberal Arts from the University of the District of Columbia. She is a candidate for her Master's in Education & Language. Mrs. Hughes' experience includes teaching for eight years in PG County and six years in DC (Spanish and AP Spanish Language & Literature). She believes it is important to "connect with the students" in order for them to learn and appreciate what is being taught. She takes responsibility to mentor her students, hoping to impact their lives. Nominated by her students, Mrs. Hughes has been recognized in Who's Who for making a difference in the lives of children.

    Jathan Wright
Computer & Information Technology

    Jathan Wright
    Computer & Information Technology

    Jathan Wright teaches Computer Science to 8th grade and high school students, and also works as a hardware and software technician at NHA. He received his bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Web Technology in May 2015, and became the official web designer for the Georgetown-Howard Universities Translational Biomedical Science Program in August 2015. Mr. Wright also knows graphic design, computer programming, video game programming, animation, and more. He is an alumni of NHA who graduated in December 2010 and is determined to help the school become the best that it can be.

    Noelle Manfredi,
high school Art Teacher

    Noelle Manfredi
    Fine Art

    Ms. Manfredi is a lifelong artist and learner. At a young age she taught herself how to draw through trial and error, drawing her favorite movie characters and relatives. Art was and continues to be her happy place, a time and place for self expression and reflection. She is now enjoying her fourth year of teaching art, and is very excited to teach middle and high school students for the first time at NHA. Ms. Manfredi graduated from VCUarts in May 2018, with a BFA in Kinetic Imaging. She focused on 2D animation and video production. In her spare time, Ms. Manfredi enjoys reading, gardening and exercising.

    Lewis Johnson,

    Lewis Johnson

    Lewis Johnson is a dedicated and passionate music educator who graduated from Bowie State University with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education. With a strong foundation in music theory, performance, and pedagogy, Mr. Johnson is committed to fostering a love of music in students of all ages and skill levels. Throughout his career, Mr. Johnson has gained extensive experience teaching private lessons, group classes, and ensembles. His teaching philosophy emphasizes a holistic approach to music education, incorporating elements of music theory, ear training, technique, and performance practice. Lewis believes in creating a supportive and nurturing environment where students can explore their musical interests and develop their unique musical voice. Mr. Johnson is excited to continue sharing his passion for music with students at New Hope Academy for the 2023-2024 school year and looks forward to inspiring the next generation of musicians.

    Shaun Houston,
Physical Education, 6th Grade Math Teacher

    Shaun Houston
    Physical Education, 6th Grade Math

    Shaun Houston has been an educator, athletic director, and coach for over 20 years. At New Hope Academy, he teaches Health, Physical Education, and Math. He is dedicated to teaching young people how to maintain healthy and fit lifestyles because of the importance it has on fitness levels, academic performance, and behavior. Coach Houston has taught at private, public, and charter schools throughout the region including DC Public Schools, Friendship Public Charter School, Prince George’s County Public Schools, Fusion Academy Private School, and Rock Creek Academy. He is regarded as consistently reliable by his colleagues, and professionally committed by parents and students. In addition to success in the classroom, Coach Houston’s leadership and organizational skills positioned him to manage the entire New Hope Academy sports program as a former athletic director. He also coached several sports including basketball, football, soccer and baseball. His success as a coach earned him Coach of the Year in 2001, 2003, and 2004. He continues to mentor former students who have gone on to play in competitive college sports programs, serve in the military, and begin their careers; all of whom attest that Coach Houston’s influence on their lives as an educator, coach, and role model have helped them to succeed. In his free time, Coach Houston enjoys spending time with his family, watching football, and he is an avid golfer.

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Board of Directors

Diallo Crenshaw

Diallo Crenshaw has been on the Board of Directors since 2015. His two children attended New Hope Academy from Pre-K through 8th grade. Mr. Crenshaw is an intellectual property attorney whose firm specializes in obtaining patent, trademark, and copyright protection for its clients.

Beverly Berndt

Beverly Berndt teaches high school Algebra 1 as well as core subjects for the sixth grade. She was born in Massachusetts where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston. Berndt has taught at NHA since 1990

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Kim Dadachanji

Kim Dadachanji teaches the preschool class for 3 year olds. She joined NHA as a substitute before she began teaching preschool in 1996.

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Aisha Faison

Aisha Faison teaches Upper level math and Computer Science classes along with elementary & middle school technology courses. She also coaches after-school robotics and engineering teams. “Ms.Aisha” has been with NHA since 2006.

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Joy Morrow

Joy Morrow is the school's principal and president of the NHA board of directors. Her academic background in psychology and in social work informed her practical experience with group homes for delinquent teenagers as well as her extensive work with preschools.

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Karen Wilkening

Karen Wilkening has taught kindergarten at NHA since 1992. She was born in Denver and spent most of her adolescent years in Kansas City, MO. Known to all as "Mrs. Karen," she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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